Mötesplats Verkö


Project name: Mötesplats Verkö

Location: Karlskrona, Blekinge

Project period: 2008–2009

Client: Skanska

Developer: Michano Industrifastigheter

Architect: AQ Arkitekter

Flex Fasadia delivered facades, doors and sun shades for the restaurant at Mötesplats Verkö in Karlskrona, which is an extension of the industrial area and also functions as an entrance to the area. The concept behind the visual wave, created with an aluminium screen, is to link the industrial area with the sea which the building faces.

In 2008, the building was awarded the Conversion Prize of the Karlskrona Environmental and Construction Committee (Karlskronas Miljö- och byggnadsnämnds ombyggnadspris), with the following motivation:

“The extensions have been built through simple expressive means, resulting in a discreet but distinctive visual appearance highly suited to the context. The developer has ambitiously enhanced and enriched this simple everyday environment with completely new values. The project sets a commendable example, demonstrating that high quality and top-class architecture can fit into an ordinary industrial area.”

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